Appium for testing website on mobile devices

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Hi everybody, looking to utilise Appium to test our website on mobile devices. Is it best practice to keep the appium test suite separate from desktop browser/selenium test suite or integrate it with separate appium based scenarios?

Jack 580
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I used it together and it worked
I used cucumber and I was able to send parameters in which device I wanted to test the particular tests
the code was prepared in a way that depending on the device it would pick selenium if it was on desktop and appium if it was a mobile config
however this was a setup for a responsive website. meaning tests ran in the brwoser in both desktop and mobile devices

Oliver 760

A responsive website is what I am looking at as well. Trouble is some sites render completely differently on mobile so locators will not always be present. Can’t help thinking that it would probably be less headache to have a separate suite running on a different VM

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